Stat3090 Statistical Computing

Statistical Computing is not an introductory couse. It is designed to further develop your skills in understanding statistical software and give the ability to implement new statistical methods in software.


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Modern statistics requires the extensive use of software and extending the capabilities of software through writing programs.

This course develops expertise in the use of a wide range of software, and builds the skills to implement novel statistical techniques in software. Students will gain deep understanding of a variety of these techniques by writing programs to implement them in software, together with analysis of the techniques themselves.

STAT3090 is offered on campus and by distance learning in semester 2 2006. Note access to software (R, SAS and SPSS) is provided on campus, but is the responsibility of students for distance learning.

Enrolment For Distance Learning requires permission from the Head of the Discipline of Statistics.

Course Objectives

  1. To develop expertise in a number of different statistical packages
  2. To develop the skills to rapidly learn a new statistical package
  3. To develop an understanding of the nature and processes of statistical computing
  4. To understand statistical algorithms (the computational process), especially for new statistical techniques
  5. To develop the programming skills to implement statistical techniques.

Material for students

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