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From: Luke Tierney <>
Date: Fri 31 Mar 2006 - 15:29:24 GMT

The allocations described as User-Controlled are not part of the GC-managed heap. The ones described as Transient happen to be but that is not user visible; alternate implementations might insure that they are freed as soon as the appropriate context is left.

If you are interested in managing the lifetime of heap-allocated objects then you register roots for the GC with R_PreserveObject.


On Fri, 31 Mar 2006, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

> On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Jeff Henrikson wrote:
>> r-help,
> [Moved to R-devel.]
>> The R manual lists two types of memory: transient and user-controlled.
>> If I have transient blocks reachable from the globals only by traversal
>> through user-controlled blocks, will they be correctly preserved?
> I don't understand your terminology, especially 'traversal'. It is not
> normal to have either type of block reachable through R objects, and if
> you are using something like external pointers, the answer would be no.
>> Secondly, what are the ways to mark user controlled blocks as "roots"
>> for the garbage collector, so that transient blocks they reference stay
>> uncollected? So far I can only deduce that as long as the answer to my
>> first question is yes, I can bind an arbitrary symbol to them in the
>> global environment. Is this the best way?
> I think you are referring to blocks allocated by R_alloc. The manual says
> This memory is taken from the heap, and released at the end of the .C,
> .Call or .External call. Users can also manage it, by noting the current
> position with a call to vmaxget and clearing memory allocated
> subsequently by a call to vmaxset. This is only recommended for experts.
> If you want to allocate storage as part of an R object, this is not the
> best way to do it (allocVector etc are). It is a side-effect of the
> current implementation that memory allocated by R_alloc which is made part
> of an object will be protected for the lifetime of that object, but this
> is not documented and should not be relied on. (I am thinking if for
> example a block is made into a CHARSXP 'by hand', but the documented route
> is mkChar which makes a copy.)
>> Jeff Henrikson
>> PLEASE do read the posting guide!
> Please do, including the question `which list': this clearly belongs on
> R-devel.

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