[Rd] Segfault with too many menu items on Rgui

From: James MacDonald <jmacdon_at_med.umich.edu>
Date: Fri 31 Mar 2006 - 20:23:00 GMT

Hi all,

In the CHANGES file for R-2.3.0alpha, there is the following statement:

winMenuAdd() now has no limits on the number of menus or items, and names are now limited to 500 (not 50) bytes.

However, I can reproducibly get a segfault using this (admittedly silly) example:

for( i in 1:5) winMenuAdd(paste("Test", letters[i], sep="")) for(i in 1:5) for(j in 1:24) winMenuAddItem(paste("Test", letters[i], sep=""), as.character(j), paste(rep(letters[j], 4), collapse=""))

This is probably almost never a problem, but many Bioconductor packages have vignettes that are added to a 'Vignettes' menu item. If you load enough of these packages you will get a segfault.

> version

platform       i386-pc-mingw32                        
arch           i386                                   
os             mingw32                                
system         i386, mingw32                          
status         alpha                                  
major          2                                      
minor          3.0                                    
year           2006                                   
month          03                                     
day            29                                     
svn rev        37607                                  
language       R                                      
version.string Version 2.3.0 alpha (2006-03-29 r37607)



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