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Date: Mon 03 Apr 2006 - 15:36:35 GMT

Try (which you might have guessed or Googled: it came up as the first item for me).

You might want to report to the webmaster of where you looked for a link to this and failed to find one. (Both the webmaster and the host machine have moved recently (or the machine is about to), so various planned changes are delayed by the moves.)

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> This is an enhancement request,
> probably, some sort of a Wiki engine could be installed on the web site,
> or some other system, which would cover some basic information about
> various aspectes of R.
> Currently, I am trying to find some information about GUI application
> development on R. A number of various projects use wiki's to provide such
> information to the new or experienced users.

Well, see the `Writing R Extensions' manual, the `Related Projects' link on CRAN which links to a page on GUIs (and that links to another mainifestation of the same Wiki).

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