Re: [Rd] request to add argv[0]

From: Roger D. Peng <>
Date: Tue 04 Apr 2006 - 15:42:33 GMT

ivo welch wrote:
> Dear R Developers: This has come up repeatedly in the r-help mailing
> list, most recently in a thread started by myself. The answers have
> been changing over the years. Would it be possible and easy for R to
> offer a global read-only option that gives the name of the currently
> executing R script, i.e., the equivalent of argv[0] in C?

Isn't that just `commandArgs()[1]'? I must be misunderstanding your question.

> (PS: An even better mechanism would be the ability to pick off multiple
> arguments following the .R file, different from commandArgs(),
> but this is not as important and probably more difficult as it would change
> the invokation syntax of R.)
> sincerely,
> /ivo welch
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