Re: [Rd] Compiling PL/R against R.dll in Win32/MinGW

From: Mike Leahy <>
Date: Sat 08 Apr 2006 - 19:17:04 GMT

OK - I did try this with PostgreSQL 8.1.3 and got the same results. To use the CVS HEAD for PostgreSQL, I did have to make a couple changes to get it to compile, but it ends with the same results.

Joe Conway wrote:
> Mike Leahy wrote:
>> Ok...well I've been hacking around with the PL/R source a bit more, and
>> I found that that substituting 'Rf_initEmbeddedR' with 'InitDynload'
>> seemed to make code compile further - this was just a total guess based
>> on the functions that are listed in the R.dll with dependency-walker.
>> Now it appears that it's an issue compiling against postgres, rather
>> than R.dll (see below). Should I pursue this any further, or should I
>> accept that it just won't happen and give up for now?
>> -DDLSUFFIX=\".dll\" -c -o plr.o plr.c
>> plr.c: In function `plr_init':
>> plr.c:288: warning: implicit declaration of function `InitDynload'
>> plr.c: In function `fetchArgNames':
>> plr.c:1366: warning: passing arg 7 of `deconstruct_array' from
> This looks like you're trying to compile with PostgreSQL cvs HEAD
> (8.2devel), correct? That won't work as I've not yet adjusted PL/R to
> handle NULL elements in arrays (which is brand new in HEAD). But this is
> is now off topic here...
> Getting back on topic, unless someone can tell us that R.dll or some
> other mechanism exposes the same API as the libR shared object, I'd have
> to say it is probably hopeless.
> Joe
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