Re: [Rd] using R in a java application

From: <>
Date: Sun 09 Apr 2006 - 14:49:48 GMT

Selon Lothar Rubusch <>:

> Dear All,
> I'd like to write a little application in java wich should pass some commands
> and data to R and displays the results (tables and charts) in a java frame.
> First I wanted to work with Omegahat's SJava but had lots of issues already
> at the installation.
> Then I heard some rumors that SJava generally is not a very active project
> and runs rather buggy (that's true?). So my question is, are there
> alternatives to use R in a Java application, like other libraries? What would
> you recommend me? I appreciate any usefull links on that topic: Java and R.
> Thank you in advance,
> Lothar Rubusch


Give Rserve a shot :

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