Re: [Rd] make check of R-alpha_2006-04-08_r37675 fails: qbeta

From: Bjørn-Helge Mevik <>
Date: Sun 09 Apr 2006 - 21:49:07 GMT

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

> I am not seeing it on my platforms (FC3 x86_64 and i686 Linux with gcc
> 3.4.5 and 4.1.0, i386 Windows and Solaris, with various compilers) and
> the zero-finder changes postdate r37675 (and qbeta does not use it). I
> think several other people are testing i686 Debian, including the
> daiuly CRAN package checks ....
> I suspect it is a real (and long-standing) problem of loss of accuracy
> (2.2.1 did a check but did not report the results: it seems to be a
> convergence failure looking at qbeta.c). What compiler version is
> this?

1 (0) $ gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-13)
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Bjørn-Helge Mevik

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