Re: [Rd] Run package code on R shutdown?

From: Henrik Bengtsson <>
Date: Mon 10 Apr 2006 - 13:08:00 GMT

On 4/10/06, Duncan Murdoch <> wrote:
> I'm sure I've seen this discussed before, but haven't been able to find
> it. I'd like some package code to be run when R is shut down
> (approximately when a user's .Last function would be run), to clean up
> properly. What is the best way to do this?

I tried to do this some time ago. My conclusion then is that it cannot be done with a guarantee, because R can exit in different ways.  I implemented what I had an came up with an onSessionExit() method available in R.utils. Check that out for a start. It modifies .Last(), but that can be circumvented by quit(callLast=FALSE).


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