Re: [Rd] contribution offer: df() for non-centrality != 0

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Thu 13 Apr 2006 - 13:44:33 GMT

Thank you, Peter,

but note that this is clearly too late for 2.3.0 : If you look at the release schedule at
you see that April 10 was "Feature Freeze".

If it looks good -- and it does after a quick glimpse -- it should be possible to be integrated for 2.3.1 though -- but that is not at all scheduled yet.

With regards,

>>>>> "PetRd" == Peter Ruckdeschel <>
>>>>> on Thu, 13 Apr 2006 15:15:11 +0200 writes:

    PetRd> Hi R-devels, I noticed that for the scheduled R
    PetRd> 2.3.0, there is still no function df() for
    PetRd> non-centrality != 0.

    PetRd> Easter is quickly approaching, so as my little gift,     PetRd> I would like to offer you some code to fill this gap:

    PetRd> After excluding some "unusual" cases, it amounts to
    PetRd> differentiating the corresponding function pnf() ---
    PetRd> which in turn leads to the function dnbeta() already
    PetRd> available in the stats package for some time.

    PetRd> You may find this code in


    PetRd> This archive includes the C-File dnf.c as well as
    PetRd> some adapted versions Fdist_new.Rd and distn_new.R;
    PetRd> in the latter two files I indicated all modifications
    PetRd> w.r.t.  Fdist.Rd and distn.R by a corresponding
    PetRd> %%-tag.

    PetRd> You may modify these files as you like in order to     PetRd> conform your design principles

    PetRd> --- and hopefully we will soon have df() for ncp,     PetRd> too... mailing list Received on Fri Apr 14 00:17:09 2006

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