Re: [Rd] Wishlist: 'quietly' argument for .onAttach() / .First.lib()

From: Seth Falcon <>
Date: Wed 19 Apr 2006 - 03:58:07 GMT

Peter Ruckdeschel <> writes:

> Summing up the discussions in this thread, I have built a package
> 'startupmsg' available (in a first version) for the moment at
> (see documentation within)
> In particular, I took up suggestions from Seth Falcon's mail as to the
> condition system
> in R as well as a suggestion by Brian Ripley in some earlier reply in
> this thread
> to use options() to control start-up messages.
> Any comments/suggestions are welcome.

It's nice to see code instead of discussion :-)

I had a quick look and for what it's worth, a few comments...

Thanks for sharing your code.


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