Re: [Rd] commercial software selling a R module - question about GPL license rights

From: Philippe Grosjean <>
Date: Wed 19 Apr 2006 - 18:34:52 GMT

Oh, yes! There is also a RSoap interface. I did not mention it.


Philippe Grosjean

Liaw, Andy wrote:

> I was under the impression that PP communicates with R via SOAP, but
> what do I know...
> If I didn't read your description wrong, the "R Collection" contains
> PP code (PilotScript?) for generating R code to be run by R, but does
> not include R itself.  If that's the case, I don't think it has any 
> licensing problem.  If I write some R code that generates SAS code
> (God forbid), I doubt that constitute violation of SAS license.
> Just my $0.02...
> Andy
> From: Philippe Grosjean

>>Hello all,
>>Sorry for this email not directly related to R developement.
>>I just come
>>from a nice demonstration session from Scitegic about their Pipeline
>>Pilot (PP) software, and especially their 'R collection'
>>which brings R
>>calculations into the software
>>I looked carefully on the way they do it: they pass data from PP to R
>>using text files, they call R.exe using a R script and input - output
>>files, like:
>>R.exe --nosave --no-environ --no-resore-data < script.R > output.txt
>>And in the script, you have:
>>which imports the data just exported from PP in an CVS file by the
>>component. I don't want to discuss here the ugly and extremely
>>inefficient solution they use to call R on their data, but anyway...
>>So far, so good, they respect the GPL license since R is not embedded
>>into PP, and you have to download and install it separately.
>>But they also provide a series of "R component" ready to use like 'R
>>ANOVA', 'R PCA', R Neural Net', etc... which are basically R scripts
>>with replaceable variables (replacement is done by PP before
>>feeding the
>>script to the R engine). For instance, you will have:
>>parameter <- $(PPvariable)
>>in the R script. In the PP component, you have an option to
>>specify the
>>value of 'PPvariable', let's say: PPvariable = 10, and the
>>done in the R script is:
>>parameter <- 10
>>before to feed this script to R. So, everything appears
>>transparent to
>>the end-user who parameterizes the scripts from within the PP
>>GUI. That
>>is what they call "each component generates an R script
>>However, I was suprised to learn that the Pipeline Pilot R
>>Collection is
>>not GPL and is not free (in term of money, i.e., you have to pay
>>3500$/year to use it). I am not sure, but I think they break the GPL
>>license here since they use a commercial license for, basically, a
>>collection of R scripts embedded in their 'PP components'.
>>Anyone with better expertise than me could look at this, please?
>>Philippe Grosjean
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