From: Marc Schwartz (via MN) <>
Date: Thu 20 Apr 2006 - 15:52:15 GMT

On Thu, 2006-04-20 at 08:09 +0100, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> R uses the environment variable R_PAPERSIZE to set its papersize, e.g. for
> postscript.
> It seems the modern way is to via LC_PAPER, e.g.
> and Googling will show that people expect this to work.
> However, that is not set on my FC3 system, and it would affect people who
> use en_US as their locale in, say, Austria.
> Should we be making use of LC_PAPER, or would it just cause further
> complications? (On Windows, the locale name is used to set the default
> papersize, but there it is unlikely to be set inappropriately.)

Here's my 0.0162 Euros (at current conversion rates):

For R 2.4.0, announce that LC_PAPER will become the default environment variable used to set the default R papersize and then not set R_PAPERSIZE by default (ie. in build scripts, etc.)

However, If someone sets R_PAPERSIZE in their site or local profile, this will supercede the LC_PAPER setting. This would allow for a R setting that may need to be different than the system default.

Doing this for 2.4.0 (as opposed to 2.3.x) would give folks notice and time to consider the impact on their local installations and code, while enabling future users to take advantage of the standard.

I think that in general, R should abide by published standards unless there are very compelling reasons not to.

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