[Rd] Typo in R-devel assign.Rd

From: Marc Schwartz (via MN) <mschwartz_at_mn.rr.com>
Date: Thu 20 Apr 2006 - 18:47:51 GMT

Hi all,

I had mentioned this as a PS in a recent prior post on r-help on the use of assign(), but presumably it got buried in the noise.

There is a typo in the R-patched and R-devel versions of assign.Rd in the first example comments.

It is presently:

#-- Create objects 'r1', 'r2', ... 'r6' --

Note the line where paste() is used in the example is:

  nam <- paste("r",i, sep=".") # Note 'sep'

Hence, the comment should be:

  #-- Create objects 'r.1', 'r.2', ... 'r.6' --

I have attached a text file containing the patch against today's r-devel tarball version of assign.Rd.

HTH, Marc Schwartz

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