Re: [Rd] R CMD check: non source files in src on (2.3.0 RC (2006-04-19 r37860))

From: Duncan Temple Lang <>
Date: Fri 21 Apr 2006 - 16:04:27 GMT

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Robert Gentleman wrote:
> ...........
> As for the difference between source packages and built packages, yes
> it would be nice at some time to enter into a discussion on that topic.
> There are lots of things that can be done at build time (that are not
> currently being done) that would speed up package installation etc. But
> they come at the price that Henrik has mentioned. The built package is
> no longer suitable for development. And hence we may usefully consider
> another format (something between source and binary, .Rgz?)

I didn't get any time before the feature freeze to work on a new package mechanism, but I think that is what is needed rather than tweaking and complicating the existing collection of perl and shell scripts. I believe it is time that we now move the package system to R code and use real OOP to allow for all these differences. Now that I am not teaching 5 days a week, I will have time to work on this and so get the frameworks (packages that provide compiled/native routines for other packages to use) as a first example. Hopefully sometime in (northern hemispher) summer.

> best wishes
> Robert

>>If there is need, we could start having developer-package repositories.
>>However, I'd prefer a different approach.  We're currently in the
>>process of updating the CRAN server infrastructure, and should be able
>>to start deploying an R-forge project hosting service "eventually"
>>(hopefully, we can set things up during the summer).  This should
>>provide us with an ideal infrastructure for sharing developer resources,
>>in particular as we could add QC testing et al to the standard community
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