Re: [Rd] transform argument on 2.3 rc 2006-04-20

From: Kurt Hornik <>
Date: Mon 24 Apr 2006 - 08:59:04 GMT

>>>>> ernesto writes:

> Hi,

> I'm adjusting package FLCore to the new R version and I got an error
> due to the change of the transform function argument "x" to
> "_data". Was this intentional ?

You mean that you get the error? :-)


    o The data frame argument to transform() is no longer called 'x',

        but '_data'.  Since this is an invalid name, it is less likely
        to clash with names given to transformed variables. (People
        were getting into trouble with transform(data, x=y+z).)

See the code in base for how to use _data in code and docs.

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