[Rd] unsigned long long integers

From: Robin Hankin <r.hankin_at_noc.soton.ac.uk>
Date: Mon 24 Apr 2006 - 09:29:35 GMT


R-exts, section 1.7, discusses the passing of long long integers between R and C.
I want to use unsigned long long integers, but I only need them inside a C function.

I have a function that maps the nonnegative integers to the positive integers.
The function is defined by a delicate recursive algorithm that is exact for integer arithmetic, but wildly incorrect for doubles.

The function increases rapidly with its argument, and ordinary integers are not enough to illustrate my point (in a paper I am writing).

The C function is as follows:

void numbparts_longint(int *n, double *p){/* p(1)...p(n) calculated */

         int i,s,f,r;
         unsigned long long int *ip;
         unsigned long long int pp[*n];


         for(i=0 ; i < *n ; i++){
                 p[i] = (double) pp[i];


This compiles fine with "gcc -Wall" (and illustrates my point!) but R CMD check reports

   partitions.c:180: warning: ISO C90 does not support 'long long'    partitions.c:181: warning: ISO C90 does not support 'long long'

I really want long long integers here. What are my options? [the same happens with signed long long integers]

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