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From: <apjaworski_at_mmm.com>
Date: Tue 25 Apr 2006 - 22:07:02 GMT


I usually compile R-devel tarball every few days (just to check if I can do it and check for any compile errors). As of two days ago, I am receiving the following error:

gcc -O3 -I. -DWIN32 -D_X86_ -c xdr_mem.c -o xdr_mem.o ar crs libxdr.a xdr.o xdr_float.o xdr_stdio.o xdr_mem.o make: *** ../extra/trio: No such file or directory. Stop.

make[3]: *** [rlibs] Error 1
make[2]: *** [../../bin/R.dll] Error 2
make[1]: *** [rbuild] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/andyj/R-devel/src/gnuwin32'
make: *** [distribution] Error 2

Looking at the Makefile in R-devel/src/gnuwin32 reveals that it wants to compile a library libtrio.a, but sources for it are missing from the R-devel/src/extra directory.

I am on the Win2000 machine with all the necessary tools installed and up to date (I just compiled 2.3.0-patched dated 4-24). I checked the "Building R for Windows" site and there is no mention there of anything called trio. The latest version of 2.4.0 I tried is r37919 dated 4-24.

This of course is of no great urgency for me as I do not use the R-devel version for "real work". I am just curious what libtrio is good for.


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