Re: [Rd] R 2.3.0: Use of NULL as an environment is deprecated

From: Pfaff, Bernhard Dr. <>
Date: Wed 26 Apr 2006 - 09:28:09 GMT

>>>>> "BernPf" == Pfaff, Bernhard Dr <>
>>>>> on Wed, 26 Apr 2006 08:28:34 +0100 writes:

    BernPf> Dear Andy, Uwe and remaining list subscribers,     BernPf> now, coming closer to the evil's root. Yesterday, I source compiled on a

    BernPf> Linux box at home and the result is the same behaviour as pointed out

    BernPf> below. This is regardless of the package version of 'urca'. Aside of

    BernPf> 'urca', other packages that have Imports/Depends entries in the

    BernPf> DESCRIPTION to packages that are shipped within the standard library of

    BernPf> R show the warning too, e.g. fMultivar, VLMC, to name but a few.

    BernPf> I do have set on both OS, i.e. Windows and Linux, a second library tree

    BernPf> in with R-LIBS. If I comment this out and do a reinstall

    BernPf> of the packages, i.e. the packages are now installed in the standard

    BernPf> library, the warning does not show up any longer. Has something changed

    BernPf> with regard to additional libraries that slipped my notice by upgrading

    BernPf> to version 2.3.0?

I don't think so.
I ***NEVER*** install a package into the standard library. We have all CRAN packages in a different library, (and Bioconductor too) and I typically use about 6 library (paths), and I don't have your problem.

I only get your warning if I get a version of a package that was installed previous to 2.3.0 (or it's alpha / beta / rc ) versions.

    BernPf> Is it possible that during startup the environment is handeld/passed

    BernPf> differently for standard and additional libraries? Would this odd

    BernPf> behaviour qualify as a bug?

If it was general, yes, but I think it's not.

Hello Martin and all others involved in this thread,

thank you very much for your time and patience. After having updated the packages in the standard library, too, the warning message does indeed not show up any longer by issuing the command library(urca) and similar with other packages. Just out of curiosity, I wonder what has changed in these packages (i.e. nlme, foreign, cluster and VR got updated) from downloading the '.exe' or the tarball in the official 2.3.0 release up to now?


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