Re: [Rd] R 2.3.0: Use of NULL as an environment is deprecated

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Wed 26 Apr 2006 - 10:42:32 GMT

Pfaff, Bernhard Dr. wrote:

>>>>>>"BernPf" == Pfaff, Bernhard Dr <>
>>>>>>    on Wed, 26 Apr 2006 08:28:34 +0100 writes:

> BernPf> Dear Andy, Uwe and remaining list subscribers,
> BernPf> now, coming closer to the evil's root. Yesterday, I source
> compiled on a
> BernPf> Linux box at home and the result is the same behaviour as
> pointed out
> BernPf> below. This is regardless of the package version of 'urca'.
> Aside of
> BernPf> 'urca', other packages that have Imports/Depends entries in
> the
> BernPf> DESCRIPTION to packages that are shipped within the standard
> library of
> BernPf> R show the warning too, e.g. fMultivar, VLMC, to name but a
> few.
> BernPf> I do have set on both OS, i.e. Windows and Linux, a second
> library tree
> BernPf> in with R-LIBS. If I comment this out and do a
> reinstall
> BernPf> of the packages, i.e. the packages are now installed in the
> standard
> BernPf> library, the warning does not show up any longer. Has
> something changed
> BernPf> with regard to additional libraries that slipped my notice
> by upgrading
> BernPf> to version 2.3.0?
> I don't think so.
> I ***NEVER*** install a package into the standard library.
> We have all CRAN packages in a different library,
> (and Bioconductor too) and I typically use about 6 library (paths),
> and I don't have your problem.
> I only get your warning if I get a version of a package that was
> installed previous to 2.3.0 (or it's alpha / beta / rc ) versions.
> BernPf> Is it possible that during startup the environment is
> handeld/passed
> BernPf> differently for standard and additional libraries? Would
> this odd
> BernPf> behaviour qualify as a bug?
> If it was general, yes, but I think it's not.
> Hello Martin and all others involved in this thread,
> thank you very much for your time and patience. After having updated the
> packages in the standard library, too, the warning message does indeed
> not show up any longer by issuing the command library(urca) and similar
> with other packages. Just out of curiosity, I wonder what has changed in
> these packages (i.e. nlme, foreign, cluster and VR got updated) from
> downloading the '.exe' or the tarball in the official 2.3.0 release up
> to now?

For sure you got (or still had in front of your R_LIBS path) packages that were compiled for R < 2.3.0! That's it. Very simple.

Uwe Ligges

> Best,
> Bernhard
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