Re: [Rd] R-FAQ.pdf TOC missing

From: Hin-Tak Leung <>
Date: Fri 28 Apr 2006 - 12:57:54 GMT

Kurt Hornik wrote:

>>>>>> Paul Roebuck writes:

>> I downloaded 2.3 version of R-FAQ.pdf from CRAN and noticed
>> the table of contents does not appear in the PDF version
>> as it does in the HTML version.

> Where did you get this from? The version I just got from
> has both bookmarks and toc.

Argh, interesting enough, I know the one on CRAN has bookmarks and tocs, but the R-FAQ in my hard disc ($R_HOME/doc/manual/) doesn't. Some of the other manuals do have them. I am wondering at this point if somewhere a double pdflatex is missing. (it requires running pdflatex twice - the first pass to generate the toc support files, the 2nd pass to include the supports files generated in the first pass).

The one in my hard disc was generated by putting the older R.spec file together with the new tar ball and run rpmbuild (on FC5), so I wasn't really watching.

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