[Rd] Recent TeX changes and R/package manuals

From: Prof Brian Ripley <ripley_at_stats.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 13:42:55 +0000 (GMT)

As some of you will be aware, TeXLive 2009 was released last month having blocked updates on earlier versions since May. This has lead to a flood of updates of LaTeX packages, as a result of which the PDF manuals of R 2.10.0 and earlier will no longer build, for two separate reasons.

For MiKTeX users: at least version 2.8 (the current one) has the same updates (a week or so later) and has the same issues.

After some workarounds, 2.10.1 RC and R-devel do build their manuals for me on TL2009 on Linux, MacTeX 2009 (a TL2009 derivative) on Mac OS X and current MiKTeX 2.8 on Windows.

As far as I can tell, the following CRAN package manuals have been affected:

   distrMod, RCurl, RGtk2, SparseM, VIM, bit, ggplot2, operators,    relations, spam, tensorA

(and only distrMod fatally).

Given the current pace of change (ca 100 updates/week on 'only' 2000 TL packages), more things may pop out of the woodwork.

For the curious and cognescenti:

(i) hyperref is having problems with markup in \section titles, which
'methods' and 'distrMod' had. I've added a warning to the R-exts manual.

(ii) there have been intermittent problems with (LaTeX) special
characters in indices. But (hyperref 6.79d)

   Full support of makeindex˘s encap feature (e.g.    \index{alpha|textbf}). \hyperpage and the formatting command are    cascaded via \hyperindexformat. Internally \index{alpha|textbf} is    transferred to \index{alpha|hyperindexformat{\textbf}}.    \hyperindexformat calls the formatting command in its first argument    with the page range as argument that is put into \hyperpage. The    formatting command may call \hyperpage itself, it will be disabled    automatically to prevent nested \hyperpage commands.

has broken '|' as an index item ('||' was already broken) so I added some special-casing (this does look like a bug in hyperref). Also some uses of '%' (ggplot2, operators, relations).

(iii) some LaTeX style files are no longer in TL2009. e.g.
floatflt.sty (used by packages EffectiveDose, gWidgets, gWidgetsWWW, monoProc, pmg).

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