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There are five current and one out of date mailing list archived here. They are R-testers (closed March 1997), R-help, R-announce, R-packages, R-downunder and R-devel.

R help

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    R Announcements (no discussion)

    R packages

    Information about add-on packages for R. Before September 2003, these were made to the R-announce list

    R devel

    R testers

    The R-testers Mailing list. Before the mailing list was split into the three mailing lists, all the R e-mail traffic was in this list.
    All these archives are also kept in GNU emacs, ( outline-minor-mode ) format at ftp://ftp.stat.math.ethz.ch/Mail-archives/

    To subscribe to the R-help mailing list, send mail to r-help-request@stat.math.ethz.ch with subscribe in the messge body (not in the subject line!). Information about the list can be obtained by sending an email with info as its contents (again, in the message body, not the subject line!) to r-help-request@stat.math.ethz.ch

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