Skew Logistic Distribution

The quantile-based skew logistic distribution is a generalisation of the logistic distribution. For more details on the distribution, see van Staden, P.J. and King, Robert A.R. (2015) The quantile-based skew logistic distribution, Statis- tics and Probability Letters 96, 109-116.

R package

The sld package for R provides random numbers, quantiles, probabilities, densities and density quantiles for the distribution. It provides Quantile-Quantile plots and method of L-Moments estimation (including asymptotic standard errors) for the distribution.

Probability Density Plots

The SLD is defined by its quantile function. The pdf is not available in closed form except for the special cases the exponential, reflected exponential and logistic distributions. However the density quantile function is available in closed form and it, along with the quantile function is used by the mathematica CDF file below to draw densities of the SLD.

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