Statistics - Dream Job of the next decade

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A short ( < 2 min) video providing career advice from the Chief Economist at Google. The link is . Hope you find it useful.

Another reference from Varian is from an interview with New York Times ( )where he says:

Q: Your job sounds extremely interesting. What jobs would you recommend to a young person with an interest, and maybe a bachelors degree, in economics?

A: If you are looking for a career where your services will be in high demand, you should find something where you provide a scarce, complementary service to something that is getting ubiquitous and cheap. So what's getting ubiquitous and cheap? Data. And what is complementary to data? Analysis. So my recommendation is to take lots of courses about how to manipulate and analyze data: databases, machine learning, econometrics, statistics, visualization, and so on.


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mcam13<> has shared a video with you on YouTube:
Here is a short video of Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google, arguing that statistics is the really sexy job for the 2010s.

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Statistics - Dream Job of the next decade<>
>>From a Keynote Presentation by Hal Varian - Chief Economist, Google, to the 2008 Almaden Institute -
"Innovating with Information".
The full presentation (as well as all the other presentations at the very interesting meeting) is available at
Hal Varian makes the argument that with data in huge supply and statisticians in short supply, being a statistician has to be the 'really sexy job for the 2010s'.

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