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Htp is a HTML pre-processor. Its purpose is to assist you to maintain a consistent "look" over an entire set of web pages.

This site provides an on-line version of the reference manual, together with the option to download the program.

htp was originally written by Jim Nelson, and made available to the public via his website at This website is no longer active, and I've been unable to locate the author (if you're reading, Jim, please drop me a line). Therefore, I've put up this website, with the reference manual and source code to keep this valuable resource available for the WWW public. I will also probably take over as the debian maintainer of the package.

htp: an HTML pre-processor
Author: Jim Nelson / No email available
Maintainer: Robert King /
htp on-line reference available here.

htp and reference manual is Copyright © 1995-96 Jim Nelson.
This web page is Copyright © 2000-6 Robert King.
Permission to reproduce and distribute this hypertext document granted according to terms of the open content license.

Last updated Mon Apr 03, 2006