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Current research interests

Flexibly shaped distributions

The Generalised lambda distribution and the g-and-h and g-and-k distributions are families of distributions that allow a great variety of shapes within one distributional form. I am interested in fitting these distributions to univariate data and developing modelling methods using them. (fitting methods: starship; modelling: starship regression)

Bayesian Belief Updating in Robotics

Localisation and vision interpretation using efficient Bayesian computation.

Assessing Ecological Models

Theoretical ecology has produced a large number of models. I am interested in methods for assessing the closeness of such models to observed environmental data. (for sex-ratios and biomass apportionment)

Socio-Spatial Statistics

Bringing together multi-variate and spatial statistical methods to characterise social structure. Applied to such problems as characterising disadvantage in a particular area. This work includes collaborative research with NSW government departments in the Hunter Region and has also led to work on the processes required for data sharing with government agencies.

Computing for Statistics

Computational methods for statistics, particularly simulation-based methods. I maintain the Newcastle archive of the R mailing lists, R-help, R-devel, R-announce, R-packages and R-downunder.

Statistics for Computing

Applying statistical methods to investigation of the software engineering process.

Other Applied Statistics

Including in Readability and Anaesthetics.


Conference Presentations


Here is some free software to implement some of these methods.

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