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From: Norm Peters (
Date: Sat 16 Dec 2000 - 11:59:59 EST

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Hi there,

Now in my 80th year, I have been listening to Alistair Cooke for more
years than many people have been alive. It all started way back in the
early 30s when he presented a programme on the BBC entitled 'I Hear
America Singing'. At the time I was an enthusiastic guitar player and
was particularly interested in his programme because of the banjo and
guitar content. WW2 then interrupted all of our lives for some years,
and then his 'Letter From America' became the focus of attention.

Now computers and the internet, both of which are of interest to me,
give us much more flexibility, and since the availability of
transcriptions on the ABC via the BBC of his weekly letter since
mid-1998, I have regularly downloaded and printed them in a monthly A5
format. I often visit this small but valuable library to enjoy again and
again both his humour and his inimitable style in presenting up-to-date
and interesting American news items.

Let's hope there are many many more to come.

Sincerely, Norm Peters, Perth, Western Australia.

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