Cyclone Alistair

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Date: Wed 18 Apr 2001 - 16:20:58 EST

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I'm not sure if you know how to contact Alistair Cooke but if you do then he may
be interested in the following.

Approx 15 years ago as a youngish kid, I remember listening in on one of his
broadcasts that my folks were listening to. I am not sure what the topic was
but I do remember Alistair saying that one of his wishes was that Cyclones could
be named after males as well as females and that if they ever did then he would
like one to be called Cyclone Alistair. This has stuck in my mind, as having
almost the same name, it kind of interested me too.

Well his wish has come true and the most recent cyclone off the North West tip
of Australia has been called cyclone Alistair (for what reason I don't know)

Please feel free to send this on to an appropriate contact address if you wish.


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